What is insurance content marketing?

Insurance content marketing is the creation and publication of material that is designed to support and promote your insurance brand, its products and services.

As opposed to most advertising activity which ‘pushes’ your messages to customers, content marketing works on a different basis in that it aims to engage your brand’s audience with relevant, valuable information. It is also vital in helping to get your website and page well ranked with search engines.

Content marketing is a great way to engage with your current and prospective customers, promote your brand and generate sales – and producing quality content has the positive additional benefit of improving your website’s search visibility too.

We offer a range of monthly insurance content marketing packages to choose from

If these don’t quite fit the bill then please get in touch as we are happy to create tailored services for our clients


  • 2 new content pages per month
  • Content marketing plan
  • Keyword planning
  • Optimised copywriting
  • Site navigation / Call to action
  • On and off-site links
  • Upload to website
  • Full intellectual property ownership
  • Monthly reporting


  • 4 new content pages per month


  • 6 new content pages per month

We also produce content for clients on a on-off basis

If you need single or multiple items of content produced on a one-off basis we are equally happy to help 

Single pages

£95(ex VAT)
  • Optimised copywriting
  • Site Navigation / Call to action
  • On and off-site links
  • Full intellectual property ownership

Ten items

£850(ex VAT)

Why is content marketing important for Insurance brands?

When it comes to website content, the first audience is the search engines. If your content doesn’t appeal to them, then your real audience – your prospects and clients – will struggle to find out about your offering. At Quotall we have a proven record for producing search engine friendly content that gets found.

Next, we have to appeal to your customer base. Insurance products are arguably one of the ultimate grudge purchases, and typically customers only value the cover they provide if they suffer a claim.

The insurance policies themselves are only purchased once a year and the customer is in the market during the renewal period which can be between 4 and 8 weeks each year.   So in this low interest, low perceived value category, the sales window is also short.

Elevating your insurance brand in this environment for current and prospective customers is essential for to compete in the acquisition and retention of customers.

Content marketing can be a cost effective way of staying front of mind through the provision of valuable information to clients and prospects, so that you are the go-to option when their insurance renewal is due.

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Why choose Quotall Marketing to manage your content marketing strategy?

We are specialists in the provision of marketing strategy and support to insurance brands and the insurance industry. We are experienced marketers with in-depth knowledge of the issues that will affect your clients and prospects.

We understand how great content marketing can support you in your goal of increasing client acquisition, value and retention.

Boost your online visibility insurance content marketing

Be helpful and informative. Engage with your customers. Content marketing is considered by some of the biggest and best brands in the world to be the most important aspect of any digital campaign.

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