What is PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising?

Pay Per Click advertising is a way of getting your products and services promoted through the major search engines, allowing prospective buyers to find your website and click directly through to the relevant page. You pay a fee to the search engine each time a customer clicks on your advert.

Pay Per Click insurance advertising can be a great way of getting immediately onto the first page of search engines and driving visitors – and sales – via your website.

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We offer a range of insurance PPC campaign management plans

Our plans are built around the size of your campaign – the bigger they are the more work is involved in getting the results you want. Get in touch to discuss your requirements


  • To advertise up to 5 products
  • Campaign planning 
  • – Existing campaign audit
  • – Configure advertising account
  • – Campaign goal setting
  • – Keyword research
  • – Campaign configuration
  • – Ad copy creative
  • Campaign management
  • Bid management
  • Monthly reporting


  • To advertise up to 10 products


  • To advertise more than 10 products

Insurance Pay Per Click advertising – the most competitive PPC market

Insurance PPC advertising is one of the most competitive and expensive segments of the market, so getting it wrong can prove to be a expensive mistake.  This is why it really does pay to use insurance PPC specialists like us to manage your campaign.

Having said that, PPC can be an extremely effective tool for insurance businesses looking to drive visitors to their site. Whether your site offers e-commerce, or you want to engage with would-be clients online and encourage them to pick up the phone, PPC advertising can deliver the leads and sales you need.

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Insurance PPC marketing that’s second to none

Quotall is a specialist marketing agency for the insurance broker market. We devise PPC strategies for brokers. From keyword planning, ad group management, advert copy and content design and ongoing monthly management, we can assist you in devising and managing a cost effective strategy that will generate quality leads and sales for your business.Whether you want to offer business, motor or personal insurance online or not, SEO is important because the vast majority of people now start their search to buy products or services – including insurance products – with a search engine query.

Grow your business with insurance PPC advertising

With the highest cost per click prices in the market, running a successful insurance pay per click advertising campaign can be a real challenge.

We have years of experience in this market so contact us to find out more about how we are helping grow our client’s businesses with PPC advertising programs.

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Insurance Pay Per Click advertising that pays.

Here’s some of the results we’ve achieved for our clients.


We increased sales conversions for Plan’s insurance Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign by 20% and saved them £60,000 per year

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