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These days, it seems, just about every business has social media. But what should it be doing for your insurance business?

With one in four people on the planet having active social media accounts it has become a great way to establish a dialogue with your customers, to gain valuable insight about them, and importantly to attract and retain new customers.

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  • Campaign planning
  • Set up / clean existing accounts
  • Link to website / blog
  • Daily account administration
  • 1 platform (e.g. Twitter)
  • Audience building
  • Social Posting
  • Social Campaigns
  • Social Advertising
  • Analytics and reporting


  • 2 platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook)


  • 3+ platforms (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, Google+)

Why choose Quotall Marketing to manage your social media marketing strategy?

Insurance businesses operate in a low interest, commodity market. The end customer buys insurance, at least in part, because they absolutely have to. Worse, they probably only buy it once a year.

Social media marketing can play a significant role in your marketing strategy as a cost effective way of engaging with your clients and prospects throughout the year. Its contribution ought to be the reinforcement of brand values that position you favourably, as well as giving you an opportunity to cross and up sell services through increasing your audience’s knowledge of the products and services you offer.

Our team of marketing professionals have an in-depth knowledge of the insurance marketplace. As such we are uniquely placed to help you drive brand recognition and audience engagement through Social Media that will contribute to improved cross and upsell, as well as client retention rates.

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The benefits of insurance Social Media marketing for your businesses

It is estimated that globally some 1.73 billion people now have active social media accounts, so no business can afford to overlook the importance of this channel for engaging with current and prospective customers.

A recent survey has revealed that 75% of businesses who have been running a social media campaign for a year or more have found it has had a delivered a significant increase in website traffic.

An insurance Social Media marketing campaign can help you grow your business

Nine out of ten marketers will tell you that Social Media represents a significant opportunity for any business.

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